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ANXIETY and ROTATIONS are part of our Split 7" with Abyss A.D. released on Anchored Records.





Split 7" preorder via Anchored Records from April 1st on:


released May 7, 2013



all rights reserved


GHOSTWRITER. Berlin, Germany

Hardcore 5-Piece, BLN

Instagram: @ghostwriterhc

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Track Name: Ghostwriter. - Anxiety

Anxiety - how can I find my place by the sea, can I trust in your fucking god, can I be the one who believes?
So I can't close my eyes, can't conceal the truth.
You! The old ghost dies, won't miss any pieces of you.
There's another ghost in this room, fills our breath with such a meaningful gloom that says I need to be free; I need to breathe!!!
So much things to hate, too many words to forget.
This new ghost screams for my insides:
dear fucking world, did I misunderstand?
Why do they mourn this things, when we ever act without Anxiety.
How can I find my place to be?
When I see this world full of pain I can't believe. God free!
Do we need to grow with our heads down? Do we ever need to look away?
Do we need to grow with our heads down? Anxiety, no we rise against!
I never cared this bullshit lies that never showed the real intents.
My soul has seen heavy days, burning in our minds as hard as they can.
You can't hear us. You're a dusty cross; hanging on the walls of those who stand on shaky grounds.
Institutions are just big companies that call for the poor and weak.
With different faces, they call for you and me.
"But I'll never crawl on your ground."
I'll live my life, no matter how you live.
Track Name: Ghostwriter. - Rotations
The days come the nights go, I used to judge every single hour.
I could care less than I promised you and the way we decided to go.
It's me who wasn't there when you needed me. So alone! Destined! I'll never free my soul when the nights are coming the days are going. I used to judge every moment of us.
It deprived me of my beliefs.
It deprived me of sins and beliefs.
Sadden my heart. Sadden my heart.
What the fuck. What? What do I know? Every moment of us was to come and go.
I never believed your face could turn on me. Hearts in ruins, it became so cold.
Now I'm so alone, destined. I'll never free my soul.
Anyone free my soul
Free my soul! I pulled you so close.
Free my soul! I never wanted to lose...you.