Storms And Promises


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Recorded January 2nd to January 8th at Hidden Planet Studio Berlin.

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All words and music by Ghostwriter.


released May 16, 2012



all rights reserved


GHOSTWRITER. Berlin, Germany

Hardcore 5-Piece, BLN

Instagram: @ghostwriterhc

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Track Name: Storms And Promises
a dozen useless frozen memories crushed my day. so I can't keep it away from me
as long as I walk along this stony beach, sunk in mind.
on my favourite place at the end of the day.
so can I keep my former promises I did to me?
I hopelessly daydream will I reach this? can I be the one?

can I be the one I want to be?

all these words I've never said, all these things I've never meant.
drowning painful through my head when I remember
we fucking buried the key deep inside. this is our promise, we decide to save or hide.
for another, for everyone. for each other, for everyone.
so relentless the flood of water pulls me hardly down to the depths of earths daughter, called the sea. such more abysmal than our lives and deeper than our hearts.

we are here to forget this world.
I did decisions to myself concerning our lives and hopes, my love.
together we find a way for our own my dear.
this is a choice I've made and I didn't regret anything.

or any storm that winded up.

and I hoplessly daydream can I be the one for you?
when I'm soaked to the skin and cry to this waves
losing myself in the rain, breathing your last words to me.
long forgotten storms crushing my day and winding up again.
losing myself in the rain. losing myself.
Track Name: Rebuilt
for the first time, an old deep river of worries turned into an ocean of fears.
'cause every time I'm staring at your picture of former times I'm losing tears.
the hardest part of growing old is letting go of everyone and everything.

I will never forget these times we had far from home. and every word you said that let me freeze more and more.

when I'm waking up these nights, drenched in sweat
missing your calm voice.
reminds me why I'm still alive.
I have survided. I had the fortune not to be dead.

picking up every fucking piece of our pretty life.
it was a kind of paradise, that time we had.
we said nothing can break us and our minds.
now it's just some words and an end.

with no port to come I've found a place far from home.
‘cause I love this life wherever I may roam but

when days are so bright even at night I feel this pain coming round from time to time.
then I'm aching for home to your warm blessed soul and your body will lay on mine.

and in cold nights when I'm still freezing without you by my side.
and in those nights my flinty heart starts beating for things I never realized.

but when days are so bright even at night I feel this pain coming round from time to time.
then I'm aching for home to your warm blessed soul and your body will lay on mine.

I rebuilt my life. rewind these times.
I rebuilt my life with you by my side.

with a port to come I've found a place called my home.
‘cause I love our life and together we will roam. just you and me.
Track Name: Elusion
at a point in the last ten years I've been cured the wounds, I got past the fear.
so we were young, had no time to rise up against these lives. fuck.
so demure and fucking distressed we learned to think, breathe, love, to forget.
I felt lost, saw forsaken worlds, a handful things which averted the worst
I asked myself is it wrong to say "I'll leave this place. I will leave this family"
"when will you forgive me, my son?" first, when everything is said and done?
this is our true tale about the elusion and how it mentally kept me down.
it kept me down.
Where do I go? Am I on my way?
I got past the fears now I'm a bird of prey.

And now you finally heard this life was fucking routine. I never wanted it.
Do we always have to end like this or to get stuck anywhere?
washing out the salt, out of my wound which has incessantly kept me down.
so we were growing, we were becoming something grander in between.

in a different time. with a different face. we aren't dead yet.
we aren't dead yet. this is the end of routine.

who'll ever know this face so well like us? this is our fate, our life, our pain.
I will never abandon these words I feel and I fucking said.
killing hope, loosing patience was before I found strength.
unspoken, oh unspoken love & shared passion control my mind nowadays.

Why do we have forgot what makes us human? is it brotherly love?
when do we start, start to remember or feel the raging fire inside?
at the point in the last 10 years I've been counting the days I got passed my dear.
life is too short to live with any regrets. fill up your emptiness with crying for love and not for pain.
crave for something, crave for life .
Track Name: Rain
why do I fear I could disappear when everything seems to fall in above us
and turns to dust.
so I scare myself. will I lose all achievements of yesterday?
would anything shut my eyes on the days which lie ahead?
they're my carrier through all those painful things which won't let me forget this day.
and those colder night’s silent cries are running out of my lungs.
why are there barriers in my mind and why it seems not to be real? I deserve a reply.

and I thought the fight was over, all battles won by you.
we're seeking for a shelter, begging for more strength and sailing home again.
on a ship called hope and forgiveness you can be saved again.
and as I climb these walls, these walls of anger when you left this world in pain
now I'm jaded, I'm fucking jaded.
I'm sick of running through these sleepless nights.

where do run these streets? along these empty lakes.
and I cross the bridge to nowhere where my naked feet feel an heavy ground.
who does enlighten the dark route home where I felt so damn?
like a lone soldier still fighting jaded vs. rome.

and I know this is not the end. I will defeat these ghosts and those I've held so fucking close.
but the lakes slowly fill themselves by heaven's eyes right from the skies and mine, mine which still cries.

the rain lets sprout your young oak tree and lets the lakes fill themselves.
in my veins the warm blood rush comes back and lets me live again.

inspiring smolder, my lungs reflect its shadows.
it seems that only sins can cure our wounds.
a silent cry tries to extrude my trachea.
a ghost of mine represses my voice not to sound.
I'm getting older with every step I do forward
to the house where my mother still cries.
the blood between us makes us so much stronger.
with everyone in my heart I'm holding hands all the time.
together holding hands, forever waves this flag.
the tallest mast arise at the edge of the sea.

let us build bridges. all battles seem to be won by you.
let us build bridges to find your own way home.

I'm staring out in the wide and I've never seen something so beautiful.
some written lines in the bleary bark of an great old oak.
"now I'm saved. in love. MMXI” stands in wood scraped letters so close in the tree of memories and lets me know my way back home.
Track Name: Sideroad's Notes Part l - Dock's Blues
once she lost her tracks, forgot her son, wish to make the things undone.
had to promise her father and a blindfold mother:
"there will never be someone else". promise.

she's hopeless, hopelessly alone for all time no fucking home.
Every day she must remind herself and the pain.
her mom young died as she was expecting this bastard son.
so she couldn't keep the blame, gave him away.

her soul was cracked for years. she was colorblind.
had no warmth for love, for everyone. now she's dead inside.

he had the same face, he must get no love.
he had the same face, the blame was her son.

the red in her veins turned into grey, her lungs brought out a similar smoke.
deep inside she sometimes aches for love when she walks alone along the docks.
but an eternal blackened sky is still about her empty harbour.
this cold heart can't find any faith in this solitary place.
when she remembers his face, she will never forgive,
the wish to make her birth undone.

there will never be the sun, shining on this empty harbour.
there will never be someone, who gets you out of this void.
there will never be the sun, shining on this empty docks.
there will never be someone, who gets you out of this void.

it seems like years that this place had seen some sails.
In this solitary place these clouds will never be removed or turn into blue.
these clouds will never be removed.
Track Name: Sideroad's Notes Part ll - Hiatus
he's harmful for her will to be alive.
an abyss of swallowed souls opened its mouth only for her.
he can't forgive what she did to him. he can't forgive her and her fucking lies.
social values, some simple rules he never learnt and he never knew.

born as a bastards son, got no scent, never laid in the arms of his crying
and broken mom. she gave him away.
that was the only chance for her not to see his face.
this face of the plaguer again and again.
just 18 years old but hardly running against the law.
hopeless and workless he'll ever waste his life.
without any dreams he stumbled along this street.
so full of rage he drank too much that day.

and he entered this shop. he thought nothing. his soul was buried with his birth.
as he saw a paper with the headline "your life sucks" the rage found its height.
In a little shop at the train underpass in the early noon two silent shots were ring out.
so hardly to hear.

as he left bleeding the scene with one hand on his stomach.
no passenger recognized anything and he collapsed.
after walking some steps again under the railway. then he fell on his knees,
one hand on the wet ground, one in the air and he screamed:

where's my loving lord?
Track Name: Closer...
ain't it disappointing? when everything just meant the world to you.
ain't it disillusioning? when everything is just hardly falling apart.
but nevermore, I promised myself, I will give up on this.
so more than ever we reprove ourselves not to loose our hearts.
all those miles you've been walking, what for? in the end it feels like you still stand where you started. you let go off my hand.
but please, don't let me suffer those doubts. go on, be in charge.
‘cause it's not worth, worth to give it up,
all that we've built. years spent on swimming up the stream
to survive this routine.
all that we've built. a huge fence of concrete to survive, in our fucking cage.
we must overcome these walls of the deepest black & cold concrete.
and all those words I've been talking, what for?
and all those miles I've been walking, what for?
so can you see the flower meadows up on that hill, we're getting closer,
they can be reached and they will!
I saw the world in your eyes but I missed a shelter.
a surrounding field of darkness is what we've seen.
starry-eyed dumb levity, new hopes, old love or raging anger.
is what makes us not forgetting and keeping our dreams, fucking built in concrete.
so we stopped dancing, together or alone, but we still move.
seeing things through broken glass, being part of it instead of reaching stars.
but we still move.
I saw the world in your eyes it never ends with a smile.
I saw the world in your eyes so we'll never cast aside this life.
from every trough we'll rise, through bedlam storms and nights.
the brightest lights, right up from that hills

where these shapes of us, were fucking build.