Whys And Wherefores


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released December 10, 2010

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Hidden Planet Studio Berlin.



all rights reserved


GHOSTWRITER. Berlin, Germany

Hardcore 5-Piece, BLN

Instagram: @ghostwriterhc

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Track Name: Wretched
It's time I'ts time to be alive/ just saving the moment that destines our lifes
redeeming ourselfes free us from everything/ when the summer ends and these lifes begin
and our hopeful souls are burning in a bleakly night/ we never wanted to be a thorn in someones side
and with no regrets we'll never forfeit anything/ so everything will fucking change one time
I was run away, finding key to myself to let me be/ to let me be
We won't forget what gives us reason to exist cold breath leaves our lungs inhale the brightest sun
this is our story telling armed with a message give me a whisper speakout how is your life
We won't forget what gives us reason to exist what means this shit for you are you real or are you dead?
this is our story telling armed with a message I'm begging for nothing just engaged in soulsearching
Now I found myself - seem to appear from nowhere/ and unlocked/ released from the prison of my own
it's hard to make this fucking up the elapsed time/ and I'm searching for whys and wherefores/ life dragged me down
and life this life has fucked me/ and minds and values are gone
in those bleakly nights in those darker times/ we got the picture everyone will die alone
so I found back to hope my life was changing/ cause I was afflicted by fucking doubts
so I started to reconsider the things I carried/ before life will drag me down again
so damn hard and fucking wretched.
Track Name: Coarse Stone
I ain't no one when I give up the fight/ with iron faith I will hold up my head and scream
So I seek the streets with our names/ So I'm feeling this
you better turn this last page.I'm not afraid what's coming now
forceful we all stare into the light that only blind the ones
faithful those who ever show their bitterness their bitterness of heart
this is way down at the bottom of this coarse grey stone
he's grey like the world we live in/ but contains every heart
he can't betray the world/ knows us all better than we do/ better than we do
settling down on this place bound and disillusioned/ to escape from all we are now and nevermore
we love the coarse stone which is set in our hearts/focus on this way cause we seek this life which was giving to us
we love the coarse stone which is set in our hearts/focus on this way cause we seek this life/ this is a fucking gift
Track Name: Another Son
As time went by so fast in regards to our lovely friend
Another son is lost we can't rewind these times/ he left this road abroad and nowhere
Another son is lost we're feeling numb every time/ search the truth fear to ask why and why he's gone
this is All all we had left just memories of better days of you/ we couldn't miss your helping words more than now
we're waitin for your call to release us from this nightmare why you/ of all the people why one of us why one like you
I'm feeling damn so damn for all the things i didn't say to you/ I'm feeling dead so dead inside to see him broken
now he's broken/ his world is broken
oh lovely brother we're praying for a place where we can not be/ where the birds all sing the same sad old song
oh lovely brother we're praying for this place where you can rest/ and where you will be watching out for us
so where you are or where you'll be watching out for us
Another son is lost we can't rewind these times/ so what is left are just denied Dreams returns to dust.
Track Name: Saved
we we can be saved you had opened this cold heart/ we we can be saved forever by your side my love
let's take back our hopes dreams and hearts/ this night we will find a new way out we can be saved¬
for unbreak promises it worths to fight/ cause the fire won't die inside of us
so we are not here not born to resign or to break promises/ we did right here
there are still flaring lights on the horizon's end/ we are the two-mast ship and we'll never see the ocean bed
it breaks with taut sails through all this shit/ we can be saved
these days I see the world with my own eyes/ bled for hardest tests but my blood won't drain away
we wont break promises and we'll brace ourselfes/ these words we live these lifes we give not away